Fight The Good Fight of Faith

My Story

When I was a little girl my brother and I used to wrestle.  He would put his hand on my forehead and tell me to punch him.  My little arms could not reach him as I swung my fists at him.  He would torment me saying,  “You couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag” and “You Fight Like A Girl!” Little did he know, that in my later years, his tormenting me like this would prepare me for the “FIGHT OF MY LIFE”

Partner with us

There are many ways you can partner with Fight Like A Girl. We are an organization designed to encourage and motivate those who are currently in a battle of their own.  We live in a hurting world and our message of hope needs to be shared with those who need it most.  For those who are lost, sick, burdened, & bound by illness & limitations.  Those who feel there is no hope when indeed there is hope please know YOUR BATTLE IS NOT OVER.

our program

  • Stories of hope and success 
  • Support for persons battling illness
  • Support for families
  • Life Coaching

Impacting and Changing Lives

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