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Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking

Danielle actively shares her testimony of God’s healing power over terminal illness diagnosis.  Her passion to encourage, uplift and share insight into her miracle healing journey and recovery from a grade 4 brain tumour.  

“It can be very lonely,  dark and depressing after being given a terminal diagnosis or a life threatening injury and the road to recovery can be instantaneous or take a period of time.  During the recovery stage it is important to keep your thoughts positive and reach out to a community of people who can understand what you are up against and bring light and hope into your your current environment.”

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  • If you would like to invite Danielle to speak at your event or are in need of some personal encouragement or life coaching, please email the link below. Please tell us your name, the name of your organization and what we can do to assist or encourage you or someone you love who is in need.
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