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When I was a little girl my brother and I used to wrestle.  He would put his hand on my forehead and tell me to punch him.  My little arms could not reach him as I swung my fists at him.  He would tease me saying, "You Fight Like A Girl!"  Little did he know, that in my later years, his tormenting me like this would help prepare me for "THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE!"

My intention for this website is to share my story  about how I overcame terminal cancer and to share the stories of others who have overcome  terminal illness, sickness & injury. 

I have designed this site for those struggling through terminal illness along with their family, friends and support networks.  Through a heart of love, compassion, and encouragement  we want to give back through the sharing of our stories.  

If you know someone who is battling terminal illness, or life threatening injuries please read on within this site and be encouraged. Your battle is not over!!  My prayer is to give you hope during your very difficult time. 


“The Doctors told me I only had 12 months to live!”   Please watch. 

I was diagnosed in February 2016, with a grade four glioblastoma multiform brain tumor.  The Doctors told me it was terminal cancer and that there was no hope for survival past 6 months without treatment or 12 months if I chose to do treatment.  Please read on as I share my story, some advice and some strategies I used to fight the “good fight of faith”.


  Wayne Pritchett


In loving memory of my father, Wayne Pritchett, who lost his fight against brain cancer on September 6, 2013.  May this work always be a tribute to you, your life, your light, your love and your “fight” while you were here with us on earth!!  You were the strongest man I know and will ALWAYS be my HERO!!!  I will love you forever and always!!!

    Kim Fowler


In loving memory of my precious friend Kim Fowler.  Kim fought a battle against cancer.  She encouraged me greatly along the beginning of my journey.  She was a strong woman who was full of laughter, love and light.  She fought valiantly.  I will always remember you!  You have impacted my life greatly and you are dearly missed. Rest in peace my friend.


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